Exposure to Electric Vehicle Raw Materials

Driven By A Fundamental Belief In The Clean Energy Electric Revolution

  1. Cummins Range EV raw material project
  2. RareXploration – portfolio of target ready rare earth tenements and investements
  3. Team of discoverers, metallurgists and engineers

About Us

RareX Limited, a specialised rare earths company, was founded with a firm belief in the enduring significance of rare earths in advancing the clean energy revolution and the electric vehicle mega-trend.

Our flagship project, Cummins Range, is located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. With monetised pre-stripping operations set to commence in 2025, this project possesses the capability to produce magnet rare earths and LFP battery phosphates, enabling the annual production of 2.5 million EVs per year over a 15-year period.

RareX maintains a diversified portfolio of exploration tenements and investments that are thematically aligned to advance our mission.

Rare Earths and in particular, NdPr are core enablers of decarbonisation and electrification of our society. NdPr supports high strength magnets which enables low carbon technologies, especially in the electric mobility sector, robotics solutions and renewable energy, particularly the wind energy sector. 

The rise of LFP battery technology has opened up a new and exciting use-case within the green energy domain. LFP batteries (Lithium-Iron (Fe)-Phosphate) are increasingly used by leading EV manufacturers due to their lower cost, longer life and increased fire safety. Additionally grid firming LFP batteries are critical to support the grid stability with the ongoing increase of renewable energy in our utility networks.

Cummins Range Project

RareX Flagship

A low capital, low risk, near-term rare earth critical mineral project with monetised pre-strip commencing 2025 (Stage 1).

Simple beneficiation of a dual-mineral concentrate (monazite and apatite) for sale into the LFP battery and magnet rare earth sectors (Stage 2).

Close to a mineral corridor and bulk-ready Wyndham port in the East Kimberley, well positioned to deliver into key local markets such as Korea and Japan.

Environmental, heritage and supply chain approvals and contracts are well advanced.


RareX was founded on the fundamental belief in the transformative potential of the electronics revolution and the electric vehicle mega-trend. Our primary focus revolves around rare earths and the associated battery and electronic metals.

We maintain an active exploration program, covering not only the immediate vicinity of the Cummins Range project but also extending to a broader spectrum, aiming to identify opportunities and advance projects that align with the foundational principles and expertise of our core team.

We believe in the synergies that arise from a carefully curated portfolio, considering both technical, geographic and community aspects. This belief fundamentally steers our exploration strategy.

Mineral Concentrate

Combined Mineral Concentrate
• Single bulk product offering from Wyndham Port, North Western Australia

High NdPr Grading Monazite
• Low UTh, not affected by leach process

Clean Apatite Phosphate Mineral
• Low contamination, simple phosphoric acid leach and purification to LFP grade


• Organic rock phosphate
• 23% P₂O₅, 5x bioavailability
• c. 1Mt from surface
• Organic

Magnet Rare Earths

Wind Farms
• 200kg NdPr per MW of turbine
• 837,000 MW of installed wind power in 2022
• Net-zero requires the 75 GW installed in 2022 to reach 350 GW in 2030

Electric Vehicles
• 1kg NdPr per vehicle
• 2.3M EV’s sold in Q1 2023 c. 35% YoY increase

Battery Phosphates

Huge Growth
• 25.5 kg phosphate in each LFP vehicle
• 35x installed grid-scale battery storage capacity required between 2022 and 2030 for net zero

Concentrate Supply
• 30% of all EV batteries (2022) are LFP, in 2020 only 6% were LFP
• >90% made in China


RareX continues to report on key ESG metrics in line with the adopted framework in 2021.

ESG is a key consideration as we develop more and more detailed designs for the project and progress our exploration work. Being part of an ethical supply chain to drive our transition from fossil fuels to renewables and low emissions transport systems is key to successfully participate in the new economy.

We pride ourselves on transparency, stakeholder engagement and community involvement and continuously report on our performance and broader ESG activities. We firmly believe in maintaining a public track record of our performance from the very early stages of exploration, all the way through to the development and operation of mines.

Investment Proposition


Cummins Range Project
  • Low-risk, high value critical mineral rare earth development24Mt – Contained P₂O₅
  • 1.6Mt – Contained rare earths
  • Monetised Pre-Strip beginning in 2025
  • NdPr and Phosphate LFPs for 2.5 million EVs per year



Exploration upside on and beyond Cummins Range
“near-mine” anomalies

  • Kimberley projects
    • Mt Mansbridge
    • Maude Creek
  • East Yilgarn
    • Weld North
    • Red Dragon
  • Investments in strategic listed companies
    • Kincora – 5M shares
    • Cosmos –10M shares
    • CREC – 25M shares


Investment Proposition

A leadership team to drive the transformation into a mining company


  • Jeremy Robinson – Chairman & Financing
  • Cameron Henry – Process Plant Construction
  • Danny Goeman – Marketing, Sales and Shipping
  • John Young – Mine Developer
  • Shaun Hardcastle – Corporate Lawyer


  • James Durrant – CEO
  • Guy Moulang – Geology and Exploration
  • Lu Zhang – Metallurgy and Processing
  • Kay Hofmann – Mining and Approvals
  • Damien Krebs, Gavin Beer – Metallurgy